Glass packaging systems for bottles

LoadHog who are located in Sheffield in the UK, has been pioneering the development and supply of modern glass packaging systems for bottles. The Loadhog’s plastic layer pad, know as SmartPads, have shown to be the safest, most cost-effective method of packing beer and wine glass and transporting tall pack pallets for both the producer and the filler.

Since the launch, LoadHog has found new applications for the layer pad within the canned goods industry. The waved edge profile encourages bottles and cans to migrate towards the centre of the pad during transit and other movements. The improved stability allows for additional layers of glass and cans per pallet, reducing transport requirements and associated costs.

Using SmartPads helps greatly with pallet stability for glass bottles, with the packaging being optimised while, in some cases, eliminating horizontal banding requirements. Consequently, bottle loss is reduced dramatically. Shepherd Neame, an English independent brewery for over 300 years, is one of our oldest Smartpad customers; reports zero bottles fall from their line since the system was adopted.

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