Bracing & anchoring solutions for ground-mounted solar arrays

The Solar Bracing Kit from Gripple wraps around the array to create a safe and robust structure, utilising substantially fewer materials on-site when compared to traditional systems; it’s an eco-friendly, lightweight solution that improves structural integrity.

These Solar Bracing Kit from Gripple are strong, giving you protection against active forces such as strong winds, storms, earthquakes and temperature expansion/contraction; they eliminate torsion, tension and compression issues.

Being lightweight, these Solar Bracing Kits replaces heavy steelwork framing, with the added benefit that several kits can be carried on-site at once. The kits are Robust, which helps to improve the structural integrity and maintains tilt angles by reducing the racking system’s ability to bend, twist and flex, especially in looser soils. Realigns misshapen posts and reduces panel sliding to deliver improved factors of safety is another benefit.

The Solar Bracing Kit from Gripple is versatile; for example, they increased resistance to sliding forces making the kit an ideal solution for steep slope and ballast installations. Finally, the material reduction and reduced requirement for on-site machinery delivery reduce the system’s carbon footprint, which is an important consideration.

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