Pallet Lid

If you are looking for a secure, versatile and cost-effective method of securing the load on a pallet with no banding or stretch wrap, then the Loadhog pallet lid may be the perfect solution for you.

This robust pallet lid securing solution, with retractable straps and an integrated tensioning mechanism, creates quick waste-free pallet security.

Loadhog Pallet Lid vs. traditional method

Loadhog pallet lid …

Increased vehicle fill up to 40%* – When used in conjunction with the pally, this system provides a better footprint than a roll cage. *Applicable to a 40 ft trailer

Time/Labour Saving – On average takes only 20 seconds to secure a four-strap lid vs two to three minutes for a stretch wrap machine.

Eco-Friendly – No stretch wrap required, no consumable packaging and less time spent securing the load. The Loadhog pallet lid is cleaner and friendlier in every way.

Complete Removal of Stretch Wrap and Banding – The Integrated strap increases ease and speed of securing a load.

Load Variants – Able to secure various container and other packaging solutions in the market.

Accessories & Options available are

Tamper Proof Security – Ratchet the straps tight and secure with seals to retain maximum security.

Custom Straps – Customise your lid with branded straps and edit the text to suit your requirements.

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