Attached Lid Container Apollo 43

With a 400 x 300 mm footprint (available heights 264 & 306 mm), the Apollo 43 is the smallest ALC within the range with an innovative hinge-pin design, maximizing the security of goods within, and a textured base designed to reduce noise pollution on conveyor systems.

Loadhog have worked with automation specialists to develop the Attached Lid Container ranges. The geometry of this recent addition to the Loadhog range, the Apollo ALC, is designed to interact harmoniously with automated and manual handling equipment.

Features & Benefits

  1. Secure hinge pin design – This concealed hinge pin offers an increased level of security protecting high-value goods within.
  2. Working with automation systems – The Apollo has a collar design to work in conjunction with automation machinery within supply chains today.
  3. Pally and Lid compatible – All Loadhog containers work together with the Loadhog Pally &  Lid system to provide the ultimate RTP solution, eliminating one-trip packaging.
  4. Textured base – The textured base is designed to prevent unwanted movement on conveyor systems which can cause delays in automation lines. Automation sensors can also sometimes bounce off a base if it’s not textured.
  5. Secure banding – Non-slip ribbing on the Lid ensures banding is secure.
  6. Easy label remove ribbing – The ribbed area on the side of the 400 x 300 is designed to make label removal more straightforward and faster.

Optional (MOQ’s apply)

ALC Label Holder – Identification features such as barcode and RFID labelling can be provided for tracking your goods.

ALC Security Seals – Security seals available for various levels of security requirements.

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