Attached Lid Container – Helios 64

The Helios is the original Loadhog ALC featuring an innovative tessellating lid design, reducing the likelihood of damage and allowing for greater logistics gains and increased vehicle fill.

Key Benefits

  • Increase vehicle fill up to 10% – The ALC Helios’ nesting lids provide complete tessellation saving room when stacked in comparison to inefficient competitor lids and increase vehicle fill when returning empties.
  • Snap fitting lids – The quick and easy snap-fitting lids aid stock management and enable quick damage replacement.
  • Reduced likelihood of damages – The lids do not overhang due to the unique patented design reducing damages when stacking the container.
  • Pally and Lid compatible – All of our containers work in conjunction with the Loadhog Pally & Lid system to provide the ultimate RTP solution, completely eliminating one-trip packaging.
  • Swap out scheme – We offer the opportunity to swap any old, damaged or unwanted containers in part exchange.

Accessories & Options

  • ALC Label Holder – Identification features such as barcode and RFID labelling can be provided for tracking your goods.
  • ALC Security Seals – Security seals available for various levels of security requirements.

 Quick Stats

  • 250, 310, 365, 400 AVAILABLE HEIGHTS (MM)
  • 547 X 370 INTERNAL TOP (MM) L X W
  • 600 X 400 FOOTPRINT (MM)
  • 40, 52, 63, 69 CAPACITY (LITRES)
  • 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2 WEIGHT (KG)

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