HogBox Half Pallet Container

The HogBox pallet container is the world’s largest attached lid container, with integrated pallet feet. When used in conjunction with the Loadhog Pallet Lid, it becomes the best bulk modular end-to-end transit packaging system in the industry.

The ultimate returnable transit packaging solution for flexible bulk handling in a range of industries. The Half Pallet Container is the only nestable/stackable bulk container of its kind.

This product was designed and manufactured to combine the benefits of a large volume pallet box with the ergonomic ease of an attached lid container. It’s a 190-litre half industry pallet container that is adaptable to a variety of applications.

Outstanding packing densities can be secured, and a payload capacity of up to 100kg in each container. The system can secure up to 1200kg in one pallet footprint in transit — or for storage, due to the steel bars reinforcing the base of the container. The product is also compatible with dunnage and inserts. Loadhog can also work with your provider to ensure maximum packaging densities are achieved.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 100% increase vehicle fill – When consolidated, stacked and secured using the Loadhog Lid, the user can also double stack.
  • 6:2 Nesting ratio – The 6:2 nesting ratio allows users to return or store three times as many empty totes.
  • No pallet required – Built-in pallet feet and steel bars deliver compatibility with MHE & Forklifts.
  • End to end solution – The Half Pallet Container container combines the benefits of a large pallet box with high volume and the benefits of a tote box, with ergonomic features that improve handling.
  • Security and protection for up to 100 kg – A reinforced steel bar base provides the ability to fill with up to 100 kg, with multiple security seal locations to ensure goods remain tamper proof.
  • Secure up to six HPCs with Pallet Lid – Six half pallet containers can be consolidated for storage and transported to create a unit load of 1200 x 1000 (mm) footprint.

Accessories & Options

  • HPC Lifter as shown …
  • ALC Security Seals – Security seals are available for various levels of security requirements.

Maximum operating load of 275 kg
Adjustable height for easy picking
Increases ease of shelf replenishment and remove the need for double handling

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