Collapsible Container

Loadhog’s Collapsible Container is a stable, robust and lightweight container used in a wide range of industries and applications with various space-saving and operationally efficient features. Collapsible storage boxes with lids are currently used by retailers to improve picking efficiency in the warehouse and shelf replenishment in the store. With the return efficiencies of emptyContinue reading “Collapsible Container”

Glass packaging systems for bottles

LoadHog who are located in Sheffield in the UK, has been pioneering the development and supply of modern glass packaging systems for bottles. The Loadhog’s plastic layer pad, know as SmartPads, have shown to be the safest, most cost-effective method of packing beer and wine glass and transporting tall pack pallets for both the producerContinue reading “Glass packaging systems for bottles”

Bracing & anchoring solutions for ground-mounted solar arrays

The Solar Bracing Kit from Gripple wraps around the array to create a safe and robust structure, utilising substantially fewer materials on-site when compared to traditional systems; it’s an eco-friendly, lightweight solution that improves structural integrity. These Solar Bracing Kit from Gripple are strong, giving you protection against active forces such as strong winds, storms, earthquakesContinue reading “Bracing & anchoring solutions for ground-mounted solar arrays”